Canterbury Dance Festival

Canterbury Dance Festival


  1. This competition is for amateurs and students who do not derive the main part of their income from the teaching or performance of dance and are under the age of 21 years.

  2. The Adjudicator?s decision is final. No discussion or correspondence concerning such decision may ensue.

  3. The adjudicator reserves the right not to award any places where he/she considers that the standard of dance is insufficiently high, or to individuals who infringe the rules of the Festival.

  4. Communication with the adjudicator concerning any matters relating to the Festival by competitors, teachers or other interested parties prior to or during the Festival is not permitted.

  5. The Organiser may combine classes when entries are small, divide a class where entries are large and have the power to make any other regulations or interpret or qualify any of these rules as the occasion may arise.

  6. Competitors must provide their own music on a "High Quality" CD-R with music ready to play at the beginning of the disc. The disc must be labelled on the correct side with, Name, Class and Number. Discs must be handed in at the collection point at least one section before the start of a class. You must provide your music on CD-R Format, please make sure you have a back-up CD-R of a different make for emergency purposes. Some CD's do not read on every machine if they have not been recorded correctly.

  7. The Festival will provide the equipment for all CD-R discs to be played on. This will be operated by a Festival Official.

  8. Time limits must be strictly observed. If dances over-run the Organiser has the right to stop the performance.

  9. Re-dancing is not allowed over the age of 12 years, except for technical reasons as determined by the Festival.

  10. Competitors should report backstage at least fifteen minutes before their class is due to commence, and be dressed to perform at the start of their class. Competitors must dance in order of the programme. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification (unless pre-arranged with Organiser).

  11. The title of the dance will be announced if it is written down and handed to the CD collection point before the competitor dances. If there is a short synopsis, this may not exceed thirty words.

  12. Pointe work is not allowed for competitors under the age of thirteen years. Acrobatic work is prohibited but gymnastic dance is permitted, provided it is combined with a modern dance technique.

  13. Male relatives and boys over the age of 6 years are not allowed in the girls changing areas at any time during the Festival, and will be removed by a Festival Official if found.

  14. Only performers and Teachers are allowed in the stage wings. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of care given to your child by the Festival Staff back stage, please report to front desk where other arrangements can be made.

  15. The Organiser does not hold itself responsible for any injury sustained by any competitor or member of the public whilst on the Festival premises.

  16. Each competitor under the age of 16 must be escorted by their own parent or a Licensed Chaperone at all times whilst on the Gulbenkian premises, this includes toilets and outside areas with the exception of the backstage area where the festival will provide their own Licensed Chaperones.

  17. Each competitor must have been granted a BOPA licence by the K.C.C in order to perform at this festival and must be signed in and out by a parent or Licensed Chaperone on entry and exit to the festival each day.

  18. Competitors will be admitted free of charge on the days that they are competing. Anyone accompanying a competitor will be requested to pay the entrance fee.

  19. The age of the Competitor will be taken from September 1 st the year before the festival takes place. Accuracy is essential. Incorrect age may lead to disqualification and in cases of doubt, a birth certificate may have to be produced

  20. Flash photography during any performance is prohibited. The use of video cameras or other recording devices is also strictly prohibited, as Organiser supplies these services.

  21. The Festival reserves the right to refuse any Competitor to dance with dangerous or breakable props.

  22. The Organiser can not be responsible for lost property.

  23. All awards must be returned on the first day of the Festival in the same condition they were received, otherwise a charge for repairs or replacement will be required.

  24. Competitors should only enter one duet with the same person. They are however allowed to enter the same section with different partners, or to dance another person?s choreography in the choreographic section.

  25. Festival Dance Fees are not refundable if the competitor does not perform on the day.

  26. Please show courtesy and respect to the adjudicator at all times.

  27. In order to minimise distraction to others: as far as practically possible, please remain seated throughout the section.

  28. No food or drinks allowed in the auditorium. Please switch mobile phones off.

  29. If pre-recorded music is used in any song and dance section, it must NOT include any singing or chanting on the recording. Pre- recorded music used in tap sections must not include any recorded tap or similar sound effect.

  30. Payment of Performing Rights Fees is the responsibility of each performer in the Festival.

  31. Parents/Competitors, who do not respect Festival Rules, will be asked to leave.

  32. No late entries will be accepted. The Festival reserves the right to reject entries at their discretion.

  33. Age classifications for Canterbury Festival award purposes:
    a. Solo (excluding Vocal) and Aggregate: the 'Junior' age bracket is 6-10 years and the 'Senior' age bracket is 11 years and over.
    b. Vocal Solo, Duets, Trios, Quartets, Groups & Troupes: 'Junior' = 10 years & under, 'Intermediate' = 14 years & under and 'Senior' = 21 years & under.

  34. The "Adult Cabaret" section is a fun section for once a week adult pupils over the age of 21 years. Under no circumstances can out of work professionals, teachers or dance students compete.

  35. In order to qualify for the Aggregate awards: the competitor has to perform minimum of 3 solos in either the classical sections, (one of the solos must include ballet) or the theatre sections (one of the solos must include tap)

  36. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises.