Canterbury Dance Festival

Canterbury Dance Festival


Adjudicator: Nathan James PhD MA ( Dist), Fellow & Examiner ISTD, FIDTA, ANATD, MBBO Cert FE (QTLS)

Organiser: Laura Murray AISTD LIDTA

Child Protection Officer: Laura Murray AISTD LIDTA

Treasurer: Winn Murray

Secretary: Chloe Butcher

Writer for the Adjudicator: Pippa Smith

Dance Festival Officials:

Janet Turney
Jan Smith
Justine Cohen
Lucy Tamulevicius
Louise Deker
Christine Fall
Kirsty Lambert
Georgia Farrow
Molly Cohen

DVD Sales Officer: Laura Tamulevicius

Auditorium Official: Ray Tamulevicius

Official Film Technician: DTS Production Services - Brendan Deere

Official Photography: David White Photography Ltd - David White

General communications relating to the Festival should be addressed to:

Miss Laura Murray
3, Sherwood Close
01227 905239 / 01227 274955 / 07966 376675

The Organiser also wishes to thank everyone for giving up their valuable spare time free of charge to help with the smooth running of this Festival.